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Diana has been improvising for over 15 years! She has studied at places such as Improv Boston (Boston, MA), Endgames Improv (San Francisco, CA), The Un-Scripted Theater Company (San Francisco, CA), and the Annoyance Theatre (NYC).


Her improv specialty is long form narrative improv, both musical and non-musical, and she has a passion for pushing the envelope of what improvisation can be. Due to her background in theatre and musical theatre, she has focused much of her recent improv work on theatrical improvisation and has crafted projects that explore this style of improv. Notable credits include: various shows as a guest performer with Un-Scripted Theater Company in SF, producing and performing in the NYC premiere of Act One, Scene Two (an improvised full length play with a scripted first scene by a local playwright), and co-developing her touring show Bookends: A Musical Journey (a non-linear improvised musical inspired by Jason Robert Brown's "The Last Five Years"). 

As an improvisor she has also appeared at the West Coast Musical Improv Festival, the NY Musical Improv Festival, and the Chicago Musical Improv Festival. As an improv teacher she developed the improvised musical theatre curriculum for the Un-Scripted Theater Company where she taught for a few years, and continues to teach workshops in NYC and at various festivals. Her focus is on honing the improvisors' musical skill, unlearning the preconceived "rules" of musical improv, and instructing improvisors on natural ways to emulate the musical theatre style that exists on stage.

Diana and co-star Clay Robeson in the 2018 performance of "Bookends: A Musical Journey" at the West Coast Musical Improv Festival

Diana in the NYC premiere performance of "Act One, Scene Two" ("Being Alone Together")

Diana in an NYC performance of "Act One, Scene Two" ("Say When")

Matters of the Heart - Diana DiCostanzo
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